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New Development in Totnes

The Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) allocates approximately 400 new homes and just over 2 hectares of employment land in Totnes by 2016. Devon County Council has been consulted during the production of this DPD and advised on the preferred development sites and how their impact on the transport network could potentially be reduced.

Developments located in Totnes reduce the need for people to use their cars, as jobs and services such as health centres or shops are easily accessible by walking, cycling and public transport. Furthermore, there is also a rail station giving access to key destinations like Plymouth, Newton Abbot and Exeter. These all help to reduce the dependency on the private car. Travel plans are required as a minimum for new development to develop and promote sustainable transport. A travel plan has been approved for the Baltic Wharf development and development contributions of £500,000 have been secured, £200,000 of the £500,000 transport contribution will be used for travel plan related measures. The remaining £300,000 is intended to be used for other local transport improvement. The workshops as well as previous work undertaken will be a vital part of defining the correct package of solutions.

Totnes and Environs is by no means alone with the challenges it faces in order to address existing transport issues, while also providing much needed housing for the local community. Issues on the A385 are the result of both through traffic and local traffic; solutions and measures addressing both will have to be delivered in order to have an impact. DCC is keen that the local community should be involved in shaping the solutions to transport issues that exist now, and those that may arise from new developments in the future.

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