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Town Centre Cycle Parking

Town Centre Cycle Parking
Project Lead:  Julian Burn

To make it easy to park your bike.

To provide bike racks in convenient places that don’t get in the way.

In conjunction with Safe & Sustainable Transport Group, we are proposing more bike racks:

  • Short term: on & off road, some in conjunction with First Great Western at Totnes station
  • Long term: covered & lockable, in places in town with high density of flats where keeping a cycle is otherwise impossible.
  • For parents:  kids’ bikes & scooters at St John’s Primary School (this may not be needed, depending on school’s success in applying for LSTF money).


What we’ve achieved so far:

  • For long-term parking, one unit has been agreed informally with FGW at Totnes station.
  • A town centre report was completed by DCC in July 2011 which identified possible locations
  • An Application Form for schools, workplace and other origins to apply for funding for cycle parking.


How many people do you know who are cyclists? Let us know!

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3 Responses: Town Centre Cycle Parking

  • karen benson says:

    Cycle parking at the bus stops by the Seven stars is hopefully coming now that the areas is being cleared. There is ample space, hope we can have space for at least twelve cycles parking here, more if possible

  • Julian Burn says:

    Maggie, Thanks very much for your comment, which has also been made to me by others in the town.

    It would be possible to install cycle parking stands in all the car parks, but it would very likely be a waste of money. There is plenty of evidence to show that:-

    1. Stands must be as close as possible to the riders’ destination – shops, railway station, school etc. This increases both convenience and the bike’s advantage as a means of transport and so makes it more likely that the person will decide to use their bike.

    2. The location of the stands must have ‘natural surveillance’ i.e. constantly visible by the general public. this reduces theft.

    I hope you saw the Town Centre Cycle Parking Proposal at the Roadshow on April 28th. If not, please comment again.

  • Maggie Hawkyard says:

    Could the council provide cycle parks in all car parks?

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